About Us

Who we are .

We are a company with a goal in mind to providing a unique platform for retailers and vendors (who are schooling in campuses but not limited to them) a way to sell their goods and services online conveniently without the worries that comes with  creating/maintaining  of an online e commerce store, excessive charges on product sold, security in payment services and more.

What we offer.

Our  platform is designed to give  customers the optimum levels of convenience , best/reliable products and a great experience  which includes the cheapest & fastest delivery time and services  , a low product price range, order delivery-tracking, a Pickup and Delivery services, Website development services,a friendly personalized customer service support from both CampusMally and it vendors,  a secure payment/transaction process, and more.


Campus Mally launched out officially in May 2018 with a previous two month test run  from March 2018.

  • Has at the launch day, the platform had 5 official Vendors,20 officially registered customer and have sold products worth of ₦50,000+
  • On 6th January 2019,  the vendor’s subscription package was cancelled and a product sales commission package was started.
  • March 2019, Celebrated one year Anniversary.
  • 30th October 2019 , A CM Pickup and Delivery Services was launched.
  •  4th November 2019, CampusMally Campus Ambassadorship program launched.


Our Vision

To be World’s largest mall which empowers young startup vendors/retailers, small and large businesses to sell their good/services online at little cost while bringing affordable products at its best to all in the safest and trustworthy environment thereby making our customers Happy.

Our Mission

Striving to empower young entrepreneurs in campuses and none campuses around the world with a platform to showcase their products with convenience and at low cost without putting a price-strain on the both Vendor or Customer thereby making our Customers Happy and Satisfied.


Our Commitment towards finding New Innovative ways to improving our Retailers/vendors & customers’ shopping experience and Satisfaction is top priority. We are continually designing and building new ways to make you happy and satisfied always.




For us, our customers come first and we make the needs of our customers a priority.

We believe in millennials and inclusively work with them to fulfill the needs of our customers through our Campus Ambassadors programs, and outreaches.

Collaborate effectively with vendors and logistic personnel to get mouth-watering deals and deliver the best services on time.

We take on challenges that can advance the mission and positively impact our community; building long-term relationships with our clients and actively participating in social responsibility.