My First Ever Online Shopping Experience

My name is Juliet, a couple of weeks ago my friend sent me a picture of this amazing hair mix to apply on my very tough hair.

She said a friend of hers used it and it worked wonders. I was very eager to find it and I set off for the market the next morning cash in hand ready to search all the beauty stores in the market. You will not believe how futile my efforts were as every attendant I asked either squinted in surprise or directed me to some other shop. After a few more trips to the market and not finding what I wanted my friend suggested I searched online stores which I refused immediately. In my words, I told her “see all the these online stores na scam plus the process of getting one single item is just tedious, not to talk of the what you ordered vs what you get joke”. I had about a million reasons up my sleeve why leaving the comfort of my room and taking transport to go shop-to-shop under the blazing Sun with zero possibility of finding the product I wanted was better than sitting on couch and finding it in a matter of seconds on my device. Hilarious right? Well my resolve to find the product was stronger than whatever reservations I had against online shopping so I decided to give it a try and that is one decision that I did not regret.

Since that day I kept going back to that particular online store to look for virtually anything, so far it was within my buying capacity and so far I needed. As a new convert in this whole online shopping thing I think I can confidently beat my chest and tell you what to look out for when shopping with an online site.

Here goes, from top to bottom.

1. Referrals: The truth is regardless of how much money a person has no one likes to be scammed. So if you are going to shop online then you should shop right. Ask around for reputable online stores and one where you can get your stuff easily. Research and ask about virtually anything and everything. It would save you a lot of stories that touch the heart *wink*

2. Delivery system: This has to be one of my favourite perks of online shopping -the fact that I can get my stuff delivered to my doorstep most especially when the delivery is free just feels heavenly. So when you are doing that survey be sure to check for a site where you can get relatively free, efficient and easy delivery service or at the very least subsidized delivery cost because my guy that will save you some money. Trust me.

3. Pricing: Part of the reasons I was skeptical about searching for the hair product online was because I thought “oh well since its online these people and their agents will just over price these things”.  Lo and behold I checked and I have never been so wrong. The price was lower than what was sold to my friend. So if you’re going to frequent that online store be sure you aren’t paying more for less.

I know this list doesn’t come close to being exhaustive I mean I’m still a newbie at this thing but I’m sure you will have better experiences to share so we keep learning.

Do share with us in the comments about your first online shopping experience.


  1. Online shopping is unlimited with respect to distance and is its greatest advantage, however it's vulnerable to scams
    • True. That's why we need to check for few details about such platform and vendors. Investigate them and check for irregularities too.
  2. Very interesting story! Can I really remember my first time shopping online? I do more of selling on line but I buy on line after I've done my homework but it sure feels good when I receive the items ?
  3. Awesome. My first online shopping experience wasn't funny at all. I actually ordered a selfie stick,a wireless one(as shown online). When it was delivered,I saw something different, what I got was smaller and was wired. I was so disappointed. So the idea is to double check,ask questions and do your research before you shop online.
    • Yea Wisdom Anonyuo. in addition ,it always good to read the terms & conditions, return policy and so on of the site or vendor.

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