OK, l will be honest here, it was quite odd that it was this topic that popped up in head and I couldn’t just let go or think about anything else, so I begin to do my various researches (since obviously I’m a guy and have not idea how a menstrual period works). Therefore I had to go up close and personal with some ladies (old and young) to enquire on what their menstrual, must have, to do and shopping  list are.
So, here are the common list of period essentials that most girl should carry with themselves during their menstrual period .

Since it comes around every month, it’s best to be prepared for it. So even  if it to come early, you want to have had the materials that you needed, won’t you? Or even if it’s right on schedule.

 Here are period essentials that will make your time of the month go by easier.




If you’re worried about stomach cramps (for those still expecting their first period this should be noted ) , you should carry around a bottle of aspirin. Never take more than you have to, but take enough to make your pain bearable. This was one of the major period essentials that I discovered among of the ladies I spoke with that most never be forgotten. When your pain becomes too strong, you won’t be able to concentrate on the tasks you need to complete. Reducing your stomach pains is the first step to making your period more manageable.


One thing that was all agreed upon is the craving period brings with it and what more cheers you more than eating your favorite candy? You probably crave the same few things whenever your period starts. Carry around a snack or two in order to satisfy that craving.
But remember it OK to do so as long as you don’t do it constantly. So tuck some few chocolate bar inside that bag of yours before leaving the house.


Hey, we all know periods can get a little messy sometimes . So In order to clean up while out of your home , carrying a sanitary wipes would do the magic. It won’t hurt to carry some from time to time. You can get the version that comes in a miniature packages (very small sizes) , so that they’re easy to carry. Even if you don’t want to carry a purse around, they’re small enough to fit in your pockets


OK, I’m going to go all nerd out here a little. Some scientists (since Google is my friend) who studied pains discovered that the pain of colic, cystitis and period pain is caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow to, or over-distension of, hollow organs such as the bowel or uterus which causes local tissue damage and activates pain receptors.
You must be wondering where I’m going with all this, among the discovery was that using a hot water bottle on your abdomen during the first few hours of pain may provide some relief. And it doesn’t just relief the pains, it actually deactivates the pain at a molecular level in much the same way as pharmaceutical painkillers work.
So in essence you don’t want to forget to alway carry one along with you at all times ..


5) ( The obvious) PADS or TAMPONS
OK, this is obviously the most important and known by all ladies  but still my nerd senses won’t let me to speak a little on this.. (lol… don’t mind me..).
Some of you might be wondering what a tampon is, since it isn’t so common in this part of the world unlike pads. A tampon is a blend of absorbent materials that’s inserted inside your vagina to absorb menstrual blood before it leaves your body (above pic right)  unlike pads that are worn outside the body to receive the blood
Both pads and tampons provide great protection but biggest difference is that pads are worn on the outside (on your undies) and tampons are worn inside your body.
So coming back to the topic at hand, always carry more than enough pads or tampons (depending on whichever you are comfortable with) . It’s better to have too many in your bag/purse than to run out of them when you need them the most.


Pads & tampons

Among the things I found out which weren’t listed  by most of the ladies I spoke with (for obvious reason best known to them where panty liners, clean panties in cases of blood leakage, a deodorant (Body Spray) you love, in cases when you are having a gross feeling to make it go away (at least a little) and finally a stain removal since It’s never fun to find a stain on your favorite pair of skirt or jeans when out in public and you really don’t want anyone to notice the stain.

Having some sort of stain remover on you can save you from the embarrassment.


So remember even if your time of the month isn’t set to come for another week, having the materials you need with you might go a long way.

You never know when it might come early and If it does, it helps to be prepared.

Please ensure  you have everything you need for your next monthly visitor.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Please I would love if  ladies can share their experiences in the comment section below on their styles/strategies for handling a period with tips on dealing with pain period brings monthly.

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  1. Wow,thanks for this write up Most ladies doesn’t know how to go about it when dysmenorrhea hood them down But thanks for this write up I’m sure it’s gonna help a lot .
  2. Quite informative. Thanks. The chocolate or candy thing doesn't work for me though as I actually try to avoid sweet or high sugar content diet during that period.
  3. Very detailed and very helpful. However, from experience, I think it's best to avoid sugary stuffs, it helps better.
  4. Waoh, these really goes a long way. The hot water bottle doesn't work for me thou, just need to lay on my stomach for a while and am fine.
  5. Wonderful write up, Musa. You are doing a good job. It's true the sugar craving can be high at that time of the month, but I don't think carrying candy bars or processed sugars are best. I usually opt for natural sugars from fruits. Oh yes, at that time of the month, I try to ignore the tempting bars of chocolate and ice cream for water melon, apples, oranges and the rest. Fruits do not only quench your temporary urge for sugar, they replenish the nutrients you are probably loosing at that time due to the blood discharge and also help to keep the body hydrated which processed sugars do the opposite of. It is advisable to eat healthily during that time because it is easy to be deficient or anaemic.
  6. Awesome Insights Musa. You did justice to the list.. The point we you stated that carrying candy bars and sweets are an essentials doesn't entirely work for me. Definitely, you are bound to have sugar cravings at that time of the month, but its advisable to ignore them, or go for other healthy sugar substitutes, which could be fruits or diary products with little sugars. Generally, the issue of menstrual pain isn't a one cap fit all phenomenon, its often times natural or may be as a result of heavy sugar consumption during the previous months. Most importantly, one menstrual shopping item Is definitely your sanitary pad & pant liners. Nevertheless, I'll love to read more of your blog posts. Keep it up!
  7. I think antiperspirants are non- negotiable. And I do not ever forget Candy, chocolate bars and ice cream. Great job!

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