Many people in different parts of the world set various goals at the beginning of every year as part of their new year’s resolutions . But if you have any thoughts of setting up a financial goal, especially with the economy being as it is, a new year’s resolution focused on your shopping habits would be wise to consider, won’t it? . if you haven’t done this yet, not to worry, after all it’s still January!!



1. Do your homework/research
This year, stop shopping on a whim. Instead, do your homework. Research the products you want, comparing prices between stores and applying relevant coupons while also checking out customer reviews. You could potentially save a considerable amount of money securing the best deal while avoiding less-than-satisfactory products.

But it’s not just about keeping your eyes peeled for a sale or searching for a promo code. You can plan when to make major purchases, simply by knowing that certain product categories reach their lowest prices at certain times of the year.


2. Pick the right products.
One of the biggest mistakes most shoppers make especially in Nigeria is buying the wrong product — for example, buying a more expensive product because of its hype when a cheaper one does what you need.

Before you make a major purchase, determine what you need in a new product and write down a list of the features you value most. You may find that a less advanced (and more affordable) version will have everything you need.

You’ll cut costs by buying a model without extraneous features you’ll hardly use. This especially applies to electronics, including cameras, activity trackers, streaming media players and smartphones.



3. Be a loyal customer.
Prove your loyalty this year by closely following your favorite retailers. Sign up for email lists (new subscribers often receive a coupon to save on their next purchase) and follow retailers on social media to be among the first to know about sales and deals.

Plus, the more you frequent a store, the more familiar you’ll become with the retailer’s regular promotions.
Furthermore, you can always use loyalty to your advantage. When negotiating prices on major purchases, such as hair products,clothing and mattresses, it can’t hurt to remind sales associates of your continued dedication. After all, they won’t want to lose business because of one bad deal.



4. Put your phone to work.
We bet you already use your phone a lot (or maybe too much), but don’t neglect to use it when you shop.
Whether you shop online or prefer the experience of in-store browsing, keep your smartphone handy this year.

Load your device with shopping apps and compare prices of items. Also don’t forget to check other retailers so you can find out when they meet a competitor’s price or beat it. Comparing prices is how you get the best deals.

Be open to more options too. Like shops notifying you of sales happening in your general location, help you keep track of budgeting for gifts (You Need a Budget), and organize all of your tracking numbers for deliveries of online purchases.


5.Be prepared for major sales especially Black Friday and cyber Monday .
Finally, always be on the lookout for major sales such as clearance sales, black Friday and cyber Monday.
Black Friday may not be until November, but you can resolve now to be prepared. Before the hyped shopping day arrives, decide which products you want to buy and keep an eye out for retailers’ sales circulars as the time nears. There are deals to be had on everything from appliances to electronics on the day after America’s Thanksgiving, and you won’t want to be sitting on the sidelines when all the sales action goes down.





  1. True! Me that have already worked on my shopping habits... but then again if we no shop online Wetin we gain???
  2. I like the part where you talked about research, and buying hyped products, I am a logical shopper, so I buy from unpopular vendors, because I know that their price will not be on the high side, thanks for this eye opener Hamed Musa.
    • Cyber Monday is the online version of blackfriday... Unlike black Friday that happens mostly in physical stores, cyber Monday is for mainly online store/businesses

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